T’was the night before Thanksgiving,

Everyone was working, it was a full house,

Inmailing, Teamlinking, or at least pretending to move their mouse.


There is a bottle of fancy Japanese whisky just sitting right there.

That’s Yogi’s, he just left the company…we shouldn’t dare.


He’s not coming back, he’s as good as dead

While visions of drinking danced in their head.


Why didn’t yogi take it cried out Mccue.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, it’s not even full. Let’s pour a drink, one for me and one for you.


One became, two, two became four.

And all of a sudden there was none left to pour.


The lads were happy, nothing could be better.

Hey let’s get out of here, everyone’s faces couldn’t be redder.


Little did they know Yogi called Stacey that he was coming in to pick up his whiskey.

On the way out she asked the boys have you seen a bottle of Yamaaazakaliskey?


Looks of despair where all over their faces.

Eyes started darting in all different spaces.


Yama what, we have no idea what you’re saying,

We havent seen anything they responded obviously betraying


Oh my G-d we are so busted

We are going to get caught and will never be trusted


We have to get a new bottle Wodnicki proclaimed

We cant go down at the risk of being shamed.


So downstairs he went looking for the right bottle.

From store to store he stumbled with a waddle.


How much for this he asked the clerk.

$300! That’s ridiculous. Bag it up, I have to get back to work.


Guys I got it right here but its all the way full.

Yogis bottle was only three quarters, we need to take a pull.


At 9 am, we couldn’t let it go to waste.

A shot for me a shot for you…still had such great taste.


The boys put the bottle in between the desk and the floor.

Hey look Stacy what we found. Its been there all along …what a score.


Skeptical she said, that’s great, Ill call yogi and see when he will arrive.

Looks like he will be coming right around five.


At the end of the day, yogi came in with a bright little smile.

Hey everyone I want to share this with you as I might not see you guys for a while.


On Members, on relationships, everything matters, so let’s listen.

be open and honest, constructive, and we will all glisten.


So many lessons to be learned…but today there is one that tops them all

Now, stash it away, stash it away, stash it away all


We were taught to act like an owner by Yogi the original whiskey donor


Let us all raise our Yogizaki up to the light

Happy Yogiday to all, and to all, let’s do whats right.


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4 Responses to Yogizaki

  1. snakeshoes says:

    Haha, that’s great! Enjoy Yogiday and Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Andrea Meisner says:

    Schnazzy and clever….if only I too, was a a lawyer. I’ll get on that right away. 😊

  3. Andrea Meisner says:

    And this…. (forgot to check boxes for emails. Do you want to know any colorado lawyer’s to meet more NYC lawyers? I know lots… <3. Dre

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