Pajama Lawyer

Well…It happened.

It was bound to happen.

There have been a number of close calls over the past few years.

The  “Hold on a minute.”

The  “Just a second.”

And of course we can’t forget in an abnormally high pitch voice the “I’ll be right there.”

But not this time:

You visit enough law “firms” at their home office; you will eventually meet a lawyer in their skivvies.

 Lawyer 1781 is The Pajama lawyer.

Most likely this could have been avoided if I confirmed the appointment. However, it’s my Modus operandi (it means MO, I googled it) to not confirm appointments. It’s one last chance for the lawyer to get away.

So here I am at 2:30 PM, face to face with a man in his 50’s wearing pajamas.

So we sit down in his living room. Instead of my first probing question, (probably the wrong adjective to use in this story, but I already typed it)

Being, “What type of law do you practice?” I went with the more traditional, “Why are you wearing pajamas?”

I’ll spare you his answer; it was nearly 20 mins long. Here is the Nitty-Gritty of it: They weren’t just pajamas. They were custom Pajamas. He can’t really go buy off the rack pajamas because they don’t make elegant pajamas that fit his 5’2 frame.

Recap of the meeting for my bosses:

 -Pajama talk…


 -Lawyer offered me a cupcake

 -I declined

 -More pajama talk…

 -How well the Rangers are doing. (J/k, there was no way I was talking sports with a man in his pajamas)

 -Internet marketing… (Yeah!)

 -Lawyer offered me a ladyfinger

 -I declined (mostly because I bugged out on how he pronounced it, and secondly… never mind, it was just really how he lingered on the Y in Lady)

I really don’t want to meet another Pajama Lawyer. So I have designed the following sophisticated prevention guide to use before going into a meeting.

  • Suite 3b- no good. It’s an apartment
  • Room 9c- no good. It’s a trick, it’s an apartment
  • Apt 17k- no good. lawyer is not even trying to be sneaky, definite pajama lawyer
  • Suite 14EF- no good. Just a bigger apartment, chance to run into 2 Pajama lawyers
  • Don’t trust the P___ L____ in apt 23: Clever, maybe he can get a TV show


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2 Responses to Pajama Lawyer

  1. Keith says:

    You declined a cupcake?!

  2. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly feel this
    amazibg site needs much more attention. I’ll probably
    be back aggain to see more, thanks for the advice!

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