Whoop! Does it Count?


Me: Is he asleep?

Boss: I don’t think so.

Me: Bang on the desk as a test.

Boss: No , you do it.

Me: I cant.

Me: Should we continue with our presentation?

Boss: This stuff can’t be that boring can it?

Me: He did say that he was up all night doing his radio show.

 I bang on the desk, and make a little whooping sound.


Boss: Why did you whoop?

Me: I saw Kramer do it on Seinfeld once.

Me: Does it count if he signs the contract while he is asleep?

Boss: I don’t think there is any precedent.

Boss: Put the pen in his hand, and see if he scribbles on the contract.

Me: Would you let that count?

Me: I really don’t think he’s sleeping.

Boss: He has to be, he would have heard everything we are talking about.

Me: I hope he is asleep.

Attorney: How long is the contract for?

Me: Uhh. Umm. We ask for a 3 year agreement.

Attorney appears to close his eyes again..

I wait for a response, but it seems as if I am not going to get one. I start back peddling.

Me: We can do a 2 year agreement.

Silence for 45 seconds.

 Me: A 1 year agreement?

Silence for 30 seconds.

Attorney picks up the pen and signs the agreement.

Me: Ok, thanks attorney 348. I will send you the login information early next week.

I get out of there as fast as I could, it felt as if I just robbed a bank.

I look at the agreement, and then look at my boss.

 Me: He signed it in the middle of the page, is that ok?

Boss: That’s going to be a tough one, ill see what I can do. Just go back and have him sign it in the correct spot.

Me: Yeah… I don’t think he really was with us. Let’s take our chances with order entry.

Boss: What else do you have for me today?

Me: You like Cats?

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One Response to Whoop! Does it Count?

  1. Have not been in for awhile. This guy sounds like my uncle – funny Dave.

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