I’m F****** AL Gore

I tend to have someone ride with me now and again. Our executives want to have a good pulse on what is going on in the field.

Too bad the pulse of NYC is like someone having a heart attack as a result of taking Pradaxa,(shameless Pay Per lead advertising here, Our Pradaxa leads are $600 per lead)* As I was saying; The person joining me today was our new VP, MD WMBS.. There are more acronyms in his title, but I don’t want to take the time to explain them or define them. Let’s just say he is my boss’s boss, boss, boss**

It was VPMDWMBS;s first week on the job. Nice buttoned up professional with over 30 years experience and an Adjunct Professor at a prestigious NYC university.

He had just left a board level type meeting in midtown with a corporate firm agreeing to everything about Internet Marketing @lbfranchi *** was saying.

Too bad downtown is nothing like uptown. Wheezy was right.

So here we are in a modest downtown office at LawFirm 1643. We sit down and meet with one of the main partners. As soon as we sit down, 1643 says, “ What’s the price?”

I tried to take it back to first base with some probing questions and value solutions selling; However 1643 didn’t want to hear it.

I look over at VPMDWMBS and he gives me the “you got this, look of encouragement look.” 

Yeah….. Good thing I was saved by this:

1643 decides to call the Managing Partner to come in. He does this on speaker phone:

This is the conversation,

“Do you want to join us for this meeting”

“ no”

Dial Tone…..

Lawyer 1643 calls again.

“ we got disconnected”

“no we didn’t”

“Do you even want to know what the meeting is about?”


“Ok, well it’s about doing a website for our law firm”

“ I invented the damn internet what do I need a website for?”

Dial tone……….

I’m laughing, looks like things are about to get interesting.

I continued with my meeting, fact finding, sharing more benefits, etc. and that’s when I heard the noise.

Beep… Beeeeeeeep…. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Beep, beep.

What is that? I thought.. as it got louder and louder closer and closer.

Then he appeared. The managing partner, on his GO GO Ultra 3 wheel Travel Mobility Scooter with optional basket attachment, entered the cramped office. He slams into VPMDWMBS chair, saying “I’m F******* AL Gore”

Backs up, and uses his horn to bleep him-self. I’m Bleeping AL Gore, I’m Beeping AL Gore,  I invented the Internet. As he hits VPMDWMBS chair again with his scooter.

“I don’t need a website” “Get out” he yells.

I said, no problem, your partner already signed the contract. He responds without missing a beat, “ That’s great news, can’t wait for our free website, because I have the checkbook.”

The managing partner puts his Go Go ultra in reverse and leaves the office, only to return 5 mins later in mid routine for his 2nd act. He might have claimed he was AL Gore, but he was ripping into me like he was Don Rickles. At least Don Rickles believes in the future of technology, he has twitter, his own app, and has gone mobile. http://www.socialtechpop.com/2012/02/don-rickles-goes-mobile/

Wait, looks like Don Rickles doesn’t have a website. Here we go again!


*please contact David Wodnicki for future blog advertising links or to purchase said Pradaxa leads.

** I might have missed a boss.

***sponsored twitter mention, please contact david Wodnicki for all advertising

**** im going to explain it anyways, Vice President, Managing Director, Web Marketing Business Solutions.

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  1. Eyal says:

    You are a great writer!

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