Nose Job with your website?

Today I met lawyer 1510. 

Granted I have a big nose. It comes with being you know.. part of my Eastern European Heritage. So why am I bringing this up? 1510 asked me if I wanted a nose job.

Like most meetings. I was there to assess this attorney’s internet presence. I should have been prepared for an off-color question, when he wanted to have a website similar to the famous Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. This particular video is one of my favorites.

So how did we go from websites to nose jobs?

1510 told me a story about a plastic surgeon in Florida that is using the internet and social media to promote his practice… and how he does good work.. and how he can help me…etc etc.

The video titled Jewcan Sam is a touching love story about a student finding love after fixing his beak. you can watch it here.

I agree with 1510. I think social media and the internet is a great way to promote your business, but I am obligated to say this because I do this for a living. “So do you want this guy to help you with your Nose? “Um, 1510 Do you want a new website?

My Name is David Wodnicki, and this is my blog.

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1 Response to Nose Job with your website?

  1. Jon Juan says:

    Better call Saul!

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