Capping It

So I capped it for a meeting. My 2 uncles cap it. My grandfather caps it. His father before him capped it. So why did I cap it for my meeting with Lawyer number 1008?

I showed up on time for my 3:30 Pm meeting with lawyer #1008. As I was entering he was leaving; my first notion, I thought he was leaving to go to “court”. I said 1008, “We have a 3:30 meeting.”

He replied with, “Oh I will be back in 20 mins”. I dug deep, took a risk and asked the question with one word, “Mincha?” For all my Gentile followers, Mincha is the afternoon prayer service in Judaism, And for my Jewish followers, Mincha is the afternoon prayer service in Judaism, recited mostly by Religious Jews. 1008 responded with Yes. I’ll be back in 20 mins.  I asked if I can join. He looked me up and down, then to my head, his eyes approved, he flipped me a Yarmulke and we were on our way. So here we were in a downtown high rise, somewhere on the 23rd or 24th floor, about to pray in the middle of the day. To my surprise there were approx 15 other lawyers in this room, and not to my surprise they were all talking business and not praying. I made a note to make this my next networking event.

So here I was capping it, talking about our Pay Per lead program for Criminal Defense lawyers and how it would help 1008 get more clients for his practice.He loved the idea; signed up, right in front of me, the other lawyers, and the All Mighty one and the prayer service began.

I felt a stronger connection to his Holiness that day, plus my Mother would be proud seeing her son taking in an afternoon service. In a twist of irony, 3 weeks later lawyer 1008 canceled the pay per lead service. Too many criminals were getting arrested on the weekend and he was receiving the leads on the Sabbath and couldn’t respond in a timely manner. Thanks God.

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3 Responses to Capping It

  1. J. Diamond says:

    Love this post. Why would God do you like that?

    • Lena says:

      People with JDs (just a standard law drgeee) can practice pretty much any type of law they choose, criminal law included.What criminal attorneys do on a daily basis depends on where they work and whether they work as a defense attorney (for private companies) or as a public attorney (public defenders and prosecutors). Private attorneys often specialize on highly technical sub-fields of criminal law. It’s not uncommon for large firms to have attorneys who do nothing more than draft memos (typically less experienced attorneys), focus on certain fields (murder, sex crimes, constitutional issues), and who deal with specialized clients. Is it worth it if you like it. I know that’s nebulous, but there is no other way to really explain it.The blog below is funny, depressing, and fairly accurate.

  2. Jon Juan says:

    > So here I was capping it, talking about our Pay Per lead program for Criminal Defense lawyers

    More like *Pray* Per lead amirite??

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